Friday, January 31, 2014

Fab Pins of the Week

It's Friday, woohoo! Any big plans for the weekend?
Nothing specific here, just catching up on some errands I've not been able to get done with the crazy Polar Vortex we've been having!

With that being said, I've been drawn to beautiful brights, I'm craving Spring! :)

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1. I love love love the simplicity of this living room! The beautiful bright whites pairs perfectly with the spurts of gold and metallics! Not to mention that beautiful burst of color in the painting! A room like this wouldn't stay white for long in my house, but it sure is pretty to look at :)
2. I really love the thoughts of have a neutral room and using fresh flowers and something as simple as books to add color and bring life into a room! It's basically a blank slate that can be changed up, moved around and re-decorated at any time! I'm thinking this is going to be more the route I go with for my home office! You can even take any books you may have or even books from the thrift store and wrap them in your desired wrapping paper to blend better with your decor! Target has some adorable white and metallic gold striped wrapping paper right now that would be perfect paired with some pops of color added in!
3. This would be perfect as a guest room! What a beautiful, bright and inviting design! I love the mix of pink, orange and red together! The gray and white really make these colors pop, I love it! You can never go wrong with adding a gorgeous crystal chandelier to any bedroom! It's the perfect statement piece to any room!
4. Again, a room like this wouldn't last long at my house, but I love the thoughts of it! White couches and chairs, ah! The pops of color and pattern in with the pillows, again, can easily be changed at any time but provide character for this room! Initially, I was drawn immediately to the gorgeous bouquet of fresh peonies! I love incorporating fresh flowers into my decor as often as possible!!

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Although Pinterest is not an original source, I was unable to find direct sources for these photos. If you are aware of original source, please let me know!

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