Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Birthday Onesie!

I love the thoughts of getting Isabella a super cute outfit for her birthday, but I don't like the thoughts of paying a pretty-penny for an outfit she will only wear once. So, here is my solution, make your own!

First, I went to Target and bought a four pack of short sleeve white onesies. Then, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and chose a fabric. Let me tell you, you will probably get a little overwhelmed because there are so many beautiful fabrics to chose from! The easiest way to eliminate choices is to keep the party theme in mind. In my case, Isabella's first birthday party is a Vintage- chic theme featuring brown, pink and silver. After narrowing it down, I had made my choice! You will only need a very little amount for this project, but I went ahead and bought a half of a yard. ( I will use it {somehow} at her party!)

If you're not much a sew-er, like me, be sure to grab some "No- sew, no heat glue". Works like a charm! Also, make sure you have a good pair of shearing scissors.

Once I got home, I played around on Word with different fonts until I found a number "1" I liked, and made it big enough to accommodate the onesie. Print it out, and then cut it out.

OK, so here is where experience, or lack there of, come handy! I've done very little (if any) projects like this, so it didn't dawn on me until after it was too late... Once you cut out your number, turn you fabric over, back side facing you and trace your number. Here is where I messed up... **Tip** you need to also turn your number backwards in order for it to come out correctly once you've cut it out. The first time I traced my number, cut it out, flipped it around (fabric/design side facing me) and the number was backwards, darn! No biggy, I got plenty of fabric, and I was able to perfect my number a little more.

THE backwards mess-up!

Grab your onesie, number and no-sew glue. Before gluing, place and eye the number about where you want it to lay. Then flip the fabric over glue along the sides and middle and gently push onto the onesie. Wipe away any excess glue that leaks out. Let dry for at least an hour. And you're done!! This can be a super simple way to do sooo many different, personalized things for your kids!

Here's how mine turned out :)

** Update: This item should be handwashed only!! Even though the no sew glue states it's washable, I didn't find that to be successful!
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  2. TY for linking up! What an adorably dressed baby!


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